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Your Free Kit for Rapidly Creating Your Professional Brand - Even if You’re Not a Designer

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"Create Your Brand" Kit

Includes logo templates, color schemes, and font pairings. Everything you need to quickly create a professional looking brand.

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Here's Everything Inside The Create Your Brand Kit


14 Free Logo Templates

Get access to 14 free logo template designs that were created using free fonts in Canva and Google Drawings. You’re bound to find the perfect logo that fits the personality you want for your brand.

14 Free Font Pairings

Access to 14 free pairings of fonts that you can use in your online and print marketing materials for free. Express your brand's personality in style in every word of your message.


14 Free Color Schemes

Receive 14 free color schemes that include options for the colors of your text and buttons. Now your visitors can easily find the buttons and are encouraged to take action.

PLUS The Brand Design Blueprint


A Step-By-Step Mindmap Showing You...

  • The 4 main strategies Curtis uses to design a winning logo that your prospects and customers love
  • Which specific customers to focus on (and the small shift you can make today to dramatically improve your conversion rate from “visitor” to “customer”)
  • How to use the universal law of attraction to stand out and get new prospects to flock to your brand
  • The little-known approach that actually gets you more attention by working less
  • And more!

You're About To Get...

14 Free Logo Template Designs

14 Font Pairings of Free Fonts

14 Professional Color Schemes

Brand Design Blueprint Mindmap

Get Your Brand Kit TODAY

(available for a limited time)


About Curtis Floth

For more than 25 years, Curtis Floth has been helping startup companies through a potent blend of marketing, programming, and design. You could say he’s a certified web geek with the unique ability to look at your brand, website, and sales process from every single angle.

But he was fed up with seeing small business owners spending four and five figures on branding when their businesses weren’t even making five figures a month. So he turned his hard-wired intuition and lifetime of experience into a simple approach for designing a customer-attracting brand.

It’s the exact process he uses to extract original ideas buried deep inside his client’s stories and create a brand image that stands out—grabbing the attention of their best buyers.

Get Your Brand Kit TODAY

(available for a limited time)

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